Wendy Duffy - President

Wendy is no stranger to building artists brands and managing talent...

Whether it was the first time she heard Michael Jackson’s Thriller album or the countless hours spent watching MTV, Wendy was bitten by the music bug at an early age and it has forged her path in life.  Music is her reason for everything!  After managing VO talent for almost 6 years in Los Angeles, Duffy decided to take her knowledge and contacts in VO management and apply it towards her first love; music. With a background in radio, publicity, marketing and promotions, Duffy saw an opportunity to partner with the artist and focus on brand initiatives and responsibility as the musicpreneur.  "Building relationships and engagement in every area of business is becoming more and more important as a way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace---the music business is no different.  There is a lot of talent out there and you need to focus on your brand, your engagement and what makes you stand out.  Then, you need to really promote those findings,” explained Duffy.

This idea and passion is what forged Duffy to start Resin8 Management alongside iV Music Licensing, which Duffy launched in July 2013. In April 2016 she went solo and launched a licensing division at Resin8. She had already started building and growing talent awareness in partnering with artists to get music placed in advertising initiatives such as TV promo’s and Film Trailers while forging relationships with top companies such as Capitol Publishing, Secret Road, Peer Music, Kompass/Kobalt, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MTV, Disney and VH1 to name a few.  “With Resin 8, we use a strategic approach to marketing and connecting the dots. We identify the path and goals of the artists and then create strategic plans to move them towards that success” – says Duffy

Duffy’s personable approach to marketing and strategy is unmatched, as building long lasting business relationships is always her first and most important priority. 


Joshua Kubly - V.P. Operations

Josh has had a long history...

as a business entrepreneur and creative thinker.  Almost as long as his relationship with Duffy.  "I've known Wendy her whole life.  I could not be more proud to work with someone so honest and passionate" said Kubly.  Josh works closely with our talent to ensure effective and timely support for all operational needs and works directly with the Resin8 team to establish, monitor, and ensure delivery on strategic goals that align with the established objectives of our Artists.

Josh will also provide expert advice with evaluating potential arrangements, negotiating and drafting agreements with licensees, recording artist, producers and will handle all business affair matters while monitoring compliance with all contractual obligations.

Shannon Riley - V.P. Marketing

Shannon has been...

designing digital, mobile, and social media strategies for almost 20 years.

As V.P. of Marketing, Shannon holds a visible and prominent leadership role within the organization.  As such, Shannon is responsible for working directly with Resin8 artists and their representatives, Resin8 executive staff, and cross-functional teams to recommend, assess and critique specific interactive strategies and their impact on business and creative objectives.  Shannon also works with major interactive media partners and is responsible for securing their support and participation in campaigns.

"We couldn't be more lucky to have Shannon overseeing all aspects of our marketing efforts - says Duffy.  His understanding of both branding and creative messaging will ensure we get a consistent message and imaging between our artists and their music."

Shannon will also take his knowledge in  digital media and start-up environments and will help our artists leverage internal and external connections and will oversee the planning, development, pitching and execution of innovative marketing strategies to launch, brand and develop artists throughout the product lifecycle for assigned artist projects