SVRCINA - Artist, Writer & Performer

SVRCINA is strong, refreshing, inspirational and energized...

Pronounced:  [sur-cee-nah]
Sounds Like: 
Sia, Ellie Goulding, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta


It's been said before, crazy talent and ability comes around every decade or so; when it does it has potential to change the culture.  Clean, bright with a fierce depth of raw talent, SVRCINA [sur-cee-nah] reveals her musical intentions from the moment she sings her first note.  The airwaves know it and you will too.  SVRCINA's new material affirms a refreshing shift in musicality; it's here and now.  Contemporary sounds meshed with cinematic epic proportions, SVRCINA's writing style and production are like a powerful tidal wave of current musical majesty and excellence accurately called "Cine-Pop".  Let the goose bumps commence!  "Lover Fighter," her first quarter Single, asserts a reveal of the new trend in Pop music.

Writing music for more than half her life, SVRCINA has gained the reputation of a prolific writer to music industry professionals.  After signing her first publishing deal at the age of 13, writing nearly 400 songs, recording in countless studios, and traveling thousands of miles while working with dozens of experts, SVRCINA's already seen success that verifies she is living her purpose.

Having multiple song placements with Indie Artists, and promo sync placements with the ABC network for the shows, "Forever" and "Quantico", SVRCINA has proven she is ready to hang with the pro's.  Most recently partnering with manager Wendy Duffy of Resin8 Management and successful composer/producer Michael Whittaker, SVRCINA expresses her passion for the growing team, "Connecting with both Wendy and Michael has been a real Godsend.  I respect them more than words can express and I know that together, we're unstoppable."

Previously known as "Molly Hunt", SVRCINA has grown and changed as any artist/writer and young person does.  As her music has transformed from when she started out at the age of 10, she felt it best to revert to a place of authenticity.  Now 20, SVRCINA's goal is to create music that not only she connects with personally, but to achieve international appeal.  Experimentation with sounds, mixtures of musical elements with cultural personality traits, influenced by religious, governmental and educational institutions, SVRCINA is carving out a niche that music lovers around the globe will embrace.  Her strength wrapped in tenderness, distinctive vocals, stand out characteristics of old with new, SVRCINA is a sound that the heaven wants earth to hear!

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YouTube:       12M (NightCore-Battlefield), 1.4M (Battlefield), 1.2M  (Bleeding Out)

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RESIN8 Management
Wendy Duffy - President