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Resin8 has quickly become a driving force in the development of Music Licensing. Our strategic licensing division specializes in finding the right artist/brand matches. We encourage our artists to become musicpreneurs, which allows them the flexibility to create various styles of music, without feeling limited to one particular sound/brand.

We are not a record label, but we offer services aligned with A&R and Publishing.  At Resin8, we work with the artist to develop content that is well suited for licensing opportunities while directly aligning that with their existing sonic brand. We encourage collaboration and connecting the dots, which is where setting up co-writes is valuable to Resin8 and our artists.

At Resin8, we've built key relationships with everyone in the industry including record labels, publishers, production houses, creative directors, producers, music supervisors, editors, artists, songwriters, studios and more.  Our creative team is personally dealing directly with the people on the front lines of choosing music and we don't stop until we find the perfect song for their project.

Join the Resin8 Licensing team and we'll provide you with new opportunities to profit and rapidly expand distribution of your music content.

Your Team

Wendy Duffy - President

Wendy is a first-choice partner for TV advertising agencies...

Wendy has spent most of her career in management and marketing, from Voice Over management in theatrical/television marketing in Los Angeles, to radio marketing for ABC/Disney and Clear Channel.

Working hand-in-hand with her creative director/producer, Wendy uses her natural ear for music to find and connect you with the perfect talent/producer while staying actively involved in the development of the sonic sound/brand. She finds the talent, connects the talent with other talent/producers and is actively involved in offering services aligned with A&R and Publishing.  She is a firm believer in collaboration that allows expansion and growth, something she finds extremely valuable in the every changing music business.

As President of Resing8 Music Licensing & Artist Management, Wendy is also responsible for building and retaining our existing partner relationships and for the successful expansion and development of our new client base right here in Nashville, TN and throughout the United States.


Kurt Goebel - Producer/Creative Director

Kurt is no stranger to producing & directing high-level talent ...

With music in his blood from the beginning, Kurt asked his parents if he could take piano lessons when he was 4.  
The teacher accepted him at 6, and he was off and running.  Fast forward through childhood and countless bands
and gigs, Kurt was awarded a talented undergrad scholarship to the Univ. of Illinois for piano.  Upon graduation,
he was accepted into the prestigious Media Writing and production program at the University of Miami.  

Today, as a writer/producer/composer, much of Kurt’s work is in the brand space.  He’s created music and songs
for brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Samsung, Olay, Opal etc.  As an artist, and one half of the
electronica duo Worldwide Groove Corporation, their music has been licensed around the world on several
down-tempo compilations, and remixes that have been licensed into film and TV.  

As producer/creative director for Resin8 Licensing, Kurt brings a wealth of experience to the creative process,
not only in creating content himself, but in providing guidance to our other creative partners as well. 

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Wendy Duffy - President

Kurt Goebel - Producer/Creative Director